My standard rate for all work is $80/hour if I receive payment within 7 days, otherwise the rate is $100/hour.

Housecalls, if paid within 7 days, are $50 if under 15 minutes return-to-base, $60 under 30 minutes, $70 under 45 minutes and $80 under an hour. If paid after 7 days the rate is $100 for the first hour or part therof. After the first hour the standard rate applies.

Remote support jobs are charged at standard rates with a minimum of $35 per job to cover the time spent on invoicing and paperwork. A “job” may be composed of several remote sessions.

Weekend and night work, when I am available, is charged at double the standard rate.

Where you bring a job to me I’ll give you a free 5-10 minute assessment of the problem.  I may be able to do this on the spot or I may ask you to leave it with me. If extended testing is needed to diagnose a problem, I will charge at my standard rate for the time I spend (minus 10 minutes for the free assessment if you’ve brought it to me) up to a maximum of one hour.  As a typical quote fee charged by most repairers can be $100 or more, this invariably results in a much lower price. If I charge you a fee for diagnosis, this would normally be deducted from the cost of any repairs you authorise me to perform.

My “no fix no fee” policy means that if I can’t fix your problem I won’t charge you for time spent unsuccessfully attempting repairs. I will normally still charge for diagnosis or the cost of a housecall as applicable, however should you choose to dispose of the computer I may offer to accept it to strip for parts as part or full payment. Please be aware that sometimes a fix may involve sufficient expense that you choose not to proceed, or it may even be a recommendation to dispose of the computer and replace it, however in such cases you acknowledge that I have provided a solution which you may have opted not to implement.

Where a job requires multiple housecalls, the total time for all visits is charged (ie not multiple call-out fees). This may include travelling time, if applicable, for each visit.

I charge for any tolls, parking expenses and public transport fares which I incur in making a housecall. These will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

I do not charge GST as I am not required to register for GST.

Please see The Fine Print for full terms and conditions.